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Downloadable Audio Books
Unabridged no longer available
NOTICE: The downloadable audio books service Unabridged is no longer available through Talking Book and Braille Services.
Instead, our patrons can now download books either through BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) or Library2Go.

BARD is our current downloadable audio book service, and grants our patrons instant access to any and all National Library Service (NLS) books available in our new digital format.  Patrons can download any book from any computer, and there are no expiration dates or limits to the number of books you can download.  If you are a registered patron with Talking Books and you are interested in using BARD, please follow this link to the online application, or you can visit our BARD information page here.

Library2Go is a downloadable audio book service provided by the Oregon Digital Library Consortium.  It is powered by the same company that helped us bring you Unabridged, and requires the same OverDrive Media Console software in order to download books.  You can access this service through your local public library.  Visit the Library2Go website or click on this Libraries link for a list of participating libraries.

Page updated: April 25, 2011